Striving for Perfection

Although Frontline Freight picks up freight all over the continental United States, we are headquartered in Southern California and thus take particular pride in serving our local customers to the very best of our ability. While our pickup percentages average 95% across the board, we are most proud of our performance in the SoCal region, where we consistently achieve a 97.4% – 98.9% pickup success rate.

We credit this to our dynamic, detail-oriented dispatchers, who take the initiative and communicate clearly with customers as well as our partner carriers. Due to Frontline’s unique position in the local transportation network, we have a lot of options when it comes to recovering shipments. That flexibility means that peak season capacity constraints do not hit Frontline as hard as most standard carriers, so even when it is busy, we will still be able to pick up your shipments.

Monitoring our pickup performance is important, but so is sharing that information effectively and striving to improve upon our consistently good record. We communicate weekly with our partner carriers about their percentages in order to stay on top of areas that need improvement. This rapport allows us to predict trends and react quickly if a situation requires correction or adjustment.

Our goal is to secure 100% of all pickups, and we will not stop until we consistently hit that goal.



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