A Culture of Conscientiousness

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A Culture of Conscientiousness


                The first interaction that most customers have with Frontline typically comes via a member of our dynamic Sales Team. However, once an account is established and shipping commences, the customer will also regularly dialogue with our operations team. Frontline’s Dispatch Department leads the charge on that front. Understanding that communication is key, Dispatchers monitor our nationwide coverage network, identify existing trends, and work to predict industry fluctuations such as capacity constraints and transit delays. The result of this ongoing conscientious study is that we can then notify our customers in a timely fashion about any service changes or adjustments that need to be made. We understand that a quick response time is critical and are constantly striving to better our performance.

We pride ourselves on our extremely high pickup success rate, but what goes hand-in-hand with that is our responsiveness in the rare event that a pickup is missed. Frontline Dispatchers are in contact with our drivers and delivery partners daily from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, and status updates are immediately relayed to customers. A pickup that is missed one day is flagged as Priority for the following day, and our Transportation Manager is personally involved in making sure that we recover those loads. Every step of the way, our detailed Dispatchers maintain up-to-date information and make necessary adjustments.

Inevitably, the transportation industry is beleaguered by challenges outside our control: inclement weather, economic downturns, driver shortages, mechanical issues, traffic jams. While we cannot control all elements, we can mitigate the inconveniences to our customers. Our Dispatchers, at the forefront of every shipment, are uniquely positioned and very proud to provide this level of service.



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