Creating an Environment of Collaboration

Service Excellence may sound simple, but the reality is that it takes constant commitment and effort. Over the past year and a half, Frontline has focused on finding new ways of putting this ideal into practice. Frequent interdepartmental staff meetings create an environment where information and ideas are freely exchanged. Team members are encouraged to make suggestions and share frustrations. Problem-solving happens quickly and often collectively. These meetings have resulted in a more collaborative workplace that boasts top-notch communication and a truly enthusiastic staff.

By supporting its dedicated, resourceful employees, Frontline helps them take Service Excellence to the next level. Innovation is highly valued and the staff is encouraged to seek it out at every turn. With the support of management, all departments continually revise their approach to be more customer-centric. We are all united in our goal of Service Excellence and challenge each other daily to go above and beyond for our customers.

Customer Service Representatives have the most direct contact with our customers, and therefore they can best summarize current customer concerns and help us anticipate future needs. Sharing this knowledge between departments at staff meetings has benefited all employees. Empowering our Customer Service Representatives to resolve most issues on their own, without delay, has created flexibility and improved the customer experience.



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